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DOC200 Weka Single Box

DOC200 Weka Single Box

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Please allow 5-9 working days for dispatch of small orders as these traps are made to order. For large orders, please get in touch!


Extended WEKA length to reduce by-target kills. 

These traps protect native birds in more ways than one...

Our DOC200 Trap Box is great for housing DOC150 & DOC200s and all copies of such traps.

We've had great success across a variety of habitats with our traps, & now you can too! 

Protect our native birds & see the results for yourself. 


Two interior baffles have been shown to stop kea, weka & other cheeky non-target animals - even curious children, if you're installing these near tracks or in urban locations. 


Ferrets, stoats, rats, hedgehogs


Stainless steel fasteners. Galvanized mesh. 19mm H3.2 Treated Plywood. These boxes are tough & they work, enough said.

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