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Kitset Planter Box Tall - 560mm

Kitset Planter Box Tall - 560mm

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Made with Marine Grade BS1088 - Basically, the bees knees. This is Keruing hardwood that we lovingly oil with our Good Wood Hardwood Oil. This protective layer helps it last around 10 years.

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Length x Width x Height

1760 x 580 x 560mm

1160 x 1160 x 560mm

1160 x 580 x 560mm

580 x 580 x 560mm

Easy as assembly - under 2 minutes


No tools required - We include two cute plywood hammers to help tap it together - these make great toys for the kids too :)


This taller box makes your plants easier to manage, you can access your plants so easily!

This kitset planter box is perfect to get your veggies up off the ground to keep them warm and increase your yield. 

Now's a great time to get your garden ready for spring or to start looking ahead for the summer months and get that garden cranking. 

This honestly falls together so quickly. Slide the 4 sides together and fill it up with some bags of mulch, fertilizer, dirt, sand*, you name it!


*Can be used as a sandpit. 


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