Rodd & Gunn

Rodd & Gunn

As a long time fan of the clothing and general ethos of Rodd & Gunn, I was chuffed AS to get an email asking if we could supply some pegboards into Rodd & Gunn stores across the country.  

Rodd & Gunn found us through our Instagram and shot an email to Libby at, from there, the rest is history! 

Dealing with R&G was a dream, they wanted a custom solution and I was more than happy to whip up a few designs to see what exactly they wanted.  

They decided on a good solution that we could produce and get across the country to their stores.  

We flew into action because the lead times were short but our team was up to the challenge – chucking in a few extra long days to get the job done! Hats off to the GW team for stepping up and making this work for both R&G and us.  

The pegboards got installed just before Christmas and after our Christmas wind up, I took the team past the Rodd & Gunn store in Napier to show their hard work displayed for everyone to see – everyone was pretty happy to see the fruit of their efforts – especially young Max! 

All in all, I look forward to working with Rodd & Gunn again and it’s opened my eyes to a world of new opportunities that I certainly didn’t expect when I first started building DOC trap boxes in the back of the shed!  

Cheers to Nik from Rodd & Gunn for the opportunity, & Cheers to the GW team for making it happen!  

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