Our Goal

We want to enable as many people as possible to contribute to helping New Zealand get predator free.
This means that making our products high quality is a must, the longer our boxes last, the longer they can be out there protecting New Zealands flora and fauna. 

Keeping Good Company

Keeping Good Company is an initiative we started at Good Wood to drive funding into the conservation groups that are doing amazing work around the country. Check out Keeping Good Company and get involved.




Our products are made with high grade materials so they last a life time without replacements.
We are always interested to take on new challenges, if you've got a design you've been thinking about, get in touch and we can bring it to life for you. 

Bulk Orders

Our production team is always keen to get to work on big orders - if you need a bulk order of any product, we can work with you to achieve a reasonable lead time and wholesale discount.
Get in touch with us at hello@goodwood.nz
Our business appreciates that our customers are just as dedicated to our goals as we are so our duty is provide the best customer service possible. If you need a hand, have a question, or just want to chat - get in touch with us at hello@goodwood.nz
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Call Callum on 0273419581
Email us at hello@goodwood.nz
We look forward to hearing from you!