Good Wood Building Futures

Good Wood Building Futures

When you start a company, some part of you really just wants to help people – When I started Goodwood, I never realized how directly we would be able to benefit people who work with us such as Odey & Max.

These two cheeky characters came from us from Building Futures and have been an integral part of our wood manufacturing ability. Learning hands on how to use tools effectively & safely, Max and Odey are on the path to pursue their careers building with sustainable timber products for a long time.

Learning more about the types of plywood we use such as radiata or birch and how the different face types are suitable for different products. We use high quality A & B faces in our furniture, C & D faces in export crate products & a mixture of all types of treated plywood in our predator traps.

Max has been with us a couple of years now and is getting the hang of operating huge machines such as our beam saw or the CNC router. Odey is our production powerhouse, making traps and all the furniture that she can while keeping the yard upbeat and fun!

The personal growth that these two have experienced in the last couple of years is awesome to see, being a part of their journey to follow their dreams is also an amazing opportunity for senior members of our team to be role models and show that with a little determination and perseverance, we can achieve big things.

I'm excited to take on more young talented people with a keen sense of determination and interest in the timber industry so that we can help more people with their goals.

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