Transportable Cabins

Transportable Cabins

Cabin, crib, bach, sleepout, shack, unit, portacom, room, whare, hut  - whatever you call them - These things have been booming in New Zealand for the past few years, encouraged by more relaxed "under 30m2 rules" surrounding consents & transportability. 

Not too long ago, getting a new room at your place was an arduous process, involving councils, planners, architects and more. Nowadays, you can ring up a company like us and hire, rent to own or buy your own space and have it delivered on site in a matter of days, not months. Not only have the quality of the cabins improved, the access has improved. 

Transportable Cabins can be built from real wood & beautiful timber now, not just polystyrene panels.

Timber comes with so many benefits, it's renewable, it's a carbon sink (it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere) & it's just down right good looking!

Some timber tiny houses being built by bespoke builders truly are reaching amazing levels of detail and quality with fair price tags attached.


What are the benefits of tiny houses or cabins?

One of the main benefits is the ability to build them offsite & transport on site. This means we can build the cabins in our workshop, away from the threat of weather, and continue building without delays. Material stock is held on hand so we always have more cabins to build and there is no downtime.


Why are there so many options now?

A large reason behind the amount of variety in the market is because of the ability of transporters nowadays. With spreader bars and stronger HIAB Lift Trucks many more things are possible. Weight is less of an issue than it used to be. Here's a photo of an 11.5m cabin being picked up by a HIAB Crane.

A HIAB crane such as this costs around $200/hour so short trips around Hawkes Bay mean that your delivery could cost anywhere from $200 to around $600 bucks.

Outside of the region, we send cabins on truck to your local HIAB yard and then get them delivered to site by HIABs. Our supplier relationships with companies like Mainfreight & TUMU Transport mean we can get really sharp rates outside of the region.

Are you interested to know what it could cost to get a cabin to your place?

Give me a call, text or email on below number and let's chat!


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