How remote is remote enough?

How remote is remote enough?

During isolation, I took a few friends for a much needed excursion to Cape Sanctuary to work remote - The Cape is my favourite place this side of anywhere. 

The Sanctuary is a Kiwi and Takahe sanctuary nestled against natural borders formed by bluffs and coast. The landscape is overly dramatic with it's jagged rocks and sheer bluffs. The only noises are crashing waves and at night you are often kept awake by calling Kiwi's - It's really quite a magical. 

We spent a day at the huts, getting lost, getting stuck, getting unstuck & actually getting some work done. Having spent so long in lockdown looking at the same four walls, my bubble welcomed a new perspective. 

We set up an office outside one of the huts using The Katie Desk in various lengths, The Sam Desktop Riser and The Jackson Chair. The Sam Desktop Riser is a stand up desk converter that works with The Katie Desk to improve productivity. 

I introduced my bubble to a new design - The Coffee Table. As with all designs, this table is named after my good friend Coffee. She's there with me every morning and sometimes we'll catch up multiple times a day. It's a kitset, easy to assemble low table that matches the Coffee Chairs. 

Come 3pm, I put on an afternoon tea shout and we all tucked in to smoko. 

My good mate Bayden who runs Click Digital got some legendary content and he's whacking it together for a few videos of the day - really excited for this because based on what I've seen we're on to a winner...


Stay tuned for the content that comes from this.



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