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Working From Home & The Desks that come with it

As we entered Level 4 Lockdown, my flatmate Katie needed a desk and so I designed one. I drew it one day, built it the next and then we all went in to lockdown. She's chuffed with her desk because it helps her work from home. 

When I saw Sam, my other flatmate, working from a credenza, albeit a lovely credenza, I was happy to help him out with a desk the same day although I think he's a little miffed Katie got naming rights. Working from home already has enough challenges, you don't need to be uncomfortable while you do it.

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The desk is a super simple, click together design. Even my mum assembled it in under 5 minutes. 

It's sturdy as and looks great because it's natural timber. Built from 18mm Radiata Pine Plywood, this desk will last for ages. It's also super easy to take it down and store it later on. 

Stay tuned because I'll be making a few more videos to show close up how easily this desk can be assembled and disassembled. It's got a great look, & Katie's white & scandy style certainly makes it pop.

Check it out below.

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