Granny Flats and you!

The new law has everyone talking and while it hasn't been formally released yet - here's some tidbits that are likely to influence how you can land a granny flat on your section.

Lots of kiwi’s have big backyards that they could be utilizing better. This backyard space is perfect for tiny homes, granny flats, sleep outs and more however it’s not just suitable for “granny” or retirees.

Nowadays, more and more families are opting for the reduced living costs of smaller footprint buildings. Not only is the build cost reduced, the ongoing maintenance and energy requirements are less. Making the dream of owning your own home more accessible to Kiwis.

The benefits of creating a granny flat, supplementary unit or tiny home in your own backyard are numerous, and there is little downside. With a growing population, creating rental yield from your backyard is a perfect example of making the most of your space. There is a huge need for more housing across New Zealand – particularly in Hawke's Bay, Manawatu & Bay of Plenty.

How will it work?

There will still be some form of certification or sign off involved however this will likely be through a certified design or LBP builder certification. Our GoodWood Tiny Homes are issued with a CCC or Building Consent and this will most like be the route the government take in legislating this new law as seen here.

Making it easier to build granny flats (2024) | Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (

This means that our tiny homes and cabins will fit the bill if you’re looking to expand!

When will it come in to effect?

Now is the time to be making submissions and then the government will be taking this feedback into consideration when making the new law. However, this has been in the works for a while now and the government is already shaping their ideals based on the information at the link above.

Typically, this process can take anywhere between 3 – 6 months but in some expedited cases it can be a lot sooner. We expect to see results from this feedback reviewed and released in 2024 then the laws passed in 2025.

What is it?

Currently, the 30m2 rule that qualifies sleepouts and small outbuildings does not include plumbed units such as tiny homes on wheels or trailers with bathrooms and kitchens.

The new 60m2 rule will include a plumbed toilet, shower and kitchenette. Just like a real house!  

Yes, that’s right – a full livable self-contained space with bedroom, living room & ensuite without a traditional consent!

Who’s it for?

The new 60m2 granny flat rule will benefit nearly everybody in New Zealand. There simply isn't enough housing for everyone at the moment.

If you’re a first home buyer, retiree, downsizer, or an investor then you’re likely to be one of the biggest winners from this new legislation!

Transportable buildings for granny flats will close the loop on making these granny flats accessible to the vast majority of people. By manufacturing tiny homes & granny flats offsite & under cover, Good Wood Products is able to deliver your home quicker than ever before.

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