Tiny homes & Ensuites

Tiny homes & Ensuites

We've been building cabins for about a year now and it's going well, our customers are giving us great feedback and it's a good to be able to do our part for the housing shortage especially after our region, Hawkes Bay, got smashed by Cyclone Gabrielle back in February. 

To take this one step further, we are working on some exciting new projects... TINY HOMES! Tiny homes come with a lot of different names, cabins, sleepouts, small home, supplementary unit, crib and more. When Goodwood says Tiny Homes, we mean a studio, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom unit that has a kitchen, bathroom and necessary plumbing to facilitate the clean processing of all that. 

We're starting with a studio unit that has an ensuite then we'll build bigger from there. There are a few extra things involved because our units will be getting Code of Compliance (CCC) from Council so that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

Working with local suppliers, local architects, councils, customers and multiple different trades has it's challenges that all come down to timing and communication. My idea is to keep lines of communication well open so that there are no snags and everyone is on the same page - from the council to the customer. Open & honest communication benefits everyone. This means that there are clear expectations and we are able to absolutely produce the quality that our customers want. 

We're expecting to have our first unit delivered around September then we will be offering this unit for sale to the wider community. That could be YOU!

If you're in the market, give us a call and we can work on something that suits you.

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