Out with the old, in with the new baffles

Out with the old, in with the new baffles

After a tip from the boss that I originally ignored, I ended up trying out his idea - using 4mm marine grade plywood instead of steel mesh in the Good Wood Trap boxes - turns out that it was a bloody good idea! 

Check out the video below to see how easy and freely the new internal baffles slide in the groove. Having spent my fair share of time wrestling (and more) with steel mesh that didn't fit the groove right or had bent out of shape, I know this grill is going to save anyone who checks traps a lot of time. 

The good part; we've managed to do this at an affordable price so now our boxes come standard with it as an internal baffle.

All of our DOC200s and DOC250s will come with this internal ply grate - for Good Wood, we think that's great. 

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