What's good with Good Wood?

What's good with Good Wood?

We're a small team of people who saw an opportunity to provide top quality goods in an industry that gives a directly positive influence back to New Zealand. It feels good to know we are making a difference.  

It goes without saying that we love nature & understand the absolute importance that our actions have on our environment. It's a really simple equation for us, the more work you do = the more results you get. We've noticed this is particularly true for working with wildlife.

Our team has many years of experience in the timber industry too. We ran the numbers, put two & 2 together and here we are. Really good products that are made from really good wood.

Having done a fair bit of trapping ourselves, we know the challenges faced by others out there and we thought we could make it a little easier for everyone. Our boxes are consistently manufactured to a high quality and we're always looking for ways to improve, as well as working on a few innovative ideas in our down time. 

We're always keen to have a yarn & hear about all the different things that different groups & individuals are up to so get in touch!

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