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AllTrap Chimney Trap Box

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These traps have contributed to quadrupling the population of Bittern in Ahuriri wetlands, now it's your turn!

Start contributing to New Zealand wildlife today by using a Good Wood box!

Veteran trapper Hans Rook, who played a key role in the little barrier island eradication project, has this to say

"If we would have had these on the Little Barrier Island project, it would have taken all the irk out of the work."


The slide out trap system allows for super easy removal of pests. This makes a tough job all that much easier. 


Precision CNC cut 19mm H3.2 plywood with 304 stainless steel screws. Designed with professionals in mind in rural settings such as farms and stockland this box IS tough because it HAS to be tough!


Feral cats, ferrets, stoats, rats

This trap box works with almost any commercially available trap including but not limited to Timms, Steve Allan SA2, DOC150, DOC200 & DOC250 plus many more. 

The chimney trap means your dogs won't get their snout in there and your cattle won't lose a tongue.

The slide out feature gives you hassle free access to the trap once it's been activated so its super simple to reload and reuse. Save your time & money with the AllTrap Chimney Box.

We've had great success across a variety of habitats using the AllTrap Chimney Box.