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DOC200 Double Set Trap Box Weka Length

DOC200 Double Set Trap Box Weka Length

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Our Double Trap Box is great for housing DOC150 & DOC200s and all copies of such traps.

We've had great success across a variety of habitats with our traps & boxes.

Our boxes are designed to keep our cheeky native birds out such as Kiwis, Weka and Kea.


What sets us apart is these trap boxes are wider than original 150 or 200s, this means its easier to set your trap and you won't have to muck around repositioning it every couple of times it goes off. 


H3.2 CD Plywood is stronger per weight than typical industrial lumber & it isn't as affected by wet conditions. These boxes will last a lifetime, or in the case of pests - many lifetimes. 


Unscrew 1 lid screw to access the pest trap once it has been triggered. This makes it really easy to remove the pest and reset for it's next encounter! 


Ferrets, stoats, rats, hedgehogs


Trap box:
H3.2 CD Plywood

Trap mechanism:
Zinc | Stainless Steel

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