Cape Sanctuary Visit

Cape Sanctuary Visit

There's a whole different world on the way to Ocean Beach in Hawkes Bay. It's a bit of a drive but once you get to Cape Sanctuary it's really something else. It was rainy when we went out but that's never stopped us. 

The general manager, Lindsay Wilson, invited us out to have a bit of a look around, now He'll have a hard time getting rid of me - it was clear that Lindsay has a wealth of knowledge about all things nature & is very passionate about his work. It's awesome to be working with people who have already done so much for New Zealand. It's a great place to unwind & there's even a couple huts in the dunes for the volunteers who put in the work! 

The Sanctuary is home to Kiwi, Takahe, Tuatara, Kakariki and many more rare native birds. It's abundant with life and a testament to the hard work by all of the people involved - especially Andy & Liz Lowe, Julian Robertson, and Lindsay Wilson. You can find out more about Cape Sanctuary at their website

I recommend getting involved by volunteering, it pays itself off in good Karma and spectacular views almost immediately. Mention Good Wood & I'm sure they'll treat you right! 

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about Cape Sanctuary & let's see if we can make something happen!

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