Staying at Cape Sanctuary

Staying at Cape Sanctuary

We took a bit of time out on the weekend to check out Cape Sanctuary when it really comes alive - the night time. 

It was an amazing location for couple of quiet beers, Three Wolves by Macs. The waves were doing their thing and the sky was changing colors to signify it was time for the day birds to return to their homes. 

Sitting on the porch of the hut with a set of binoculars spotting dotterels & variable oyster catchers was eclipsed by the 11pm visit to the inner sanctuary along the beach - the Kiwi & Takahe area. 

I have never heard so many Kiwi calling out in the bush & it was an absolute privilege to hear them. It really goes to show what can be achieved by doing the work. Trapping is a huge part of the process here but results such as these are only achievable with a huge amount of habitat creation. 

Cape has extensive trap lines that are extremely well documented and managed. It's a testament to a vision that has been successfully carried out for some years that they have such an abundant kiwi population. It's a great feeling to see the Good Wood logo on more and more of their traps. 

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