Easter Ruru

Easter Ruru

As we were sitting in the sun on a typical Easter Friday, we were greeted with a very welcome visitior, it appears he fell out of a nearby tree because he was very confused and seemed to be just waking up. 

In a rush to save him from our 2 dogs, I scooped him up and got him into a cage, we put dark blankets to cover it in the garage and a make-shift perch for him to relax on, which he did so almost immediately. 

After a nap and a bit of filtered water, we locked the dogs inside and left him in an open box with another perch near the tree we suspected he fell from, he chilled out for about 15 minutes before performing a fly-by to say goodbye and we literally watched him fly off into the night. 

In these situations, it is important to limit the time we, as humans, spend in contact with such delicate animals. The photos were taken as I was waiting for the cage to be delivered and from then on our little Ruru was left alone. We limit the time we spend with them because we are huge animals and often, smaller birds can die out of fear from their little hearts working overtime.  

This littlle guy was a very welcome guest on another day in lockdown and while it was good to see him go, I hope we get to hear or see him hanging around tthe property.

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