Setting your Steve Allen SA2 Trap

Setting your Steve Allen SA2 Trap

Had a few people asking how to set the SA2 Kill Trap, so figured I'd chuck together a video for ya's.

The reason these traps are so bloody good is because the target is pushing it's head IN while it's going for the bait, in most cases, the bait remains untouched and reusable. 

This trap is great for possums but was originally designed for feral cats. It's NAWAC approved for cats & possums but we've caught stoats, hedgehogs & ferrets in them. 

These traps are designed and made in New Zealand by Steve Allan. He's a true blue kiwi, you can read more about him here.

This trap pairs great with our Chimney box for targetting feral cats. To grab your own Steve Allan SA2, check out our shop here.

The bait I'm using at the moment is 1 part flour, 1 part icing sugar & a dollop of cinnamon. 


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