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Pegboard Accessories

Pegboard Accessories

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Looking to level-up your pegboard?

Choose from a range of different accessories to deck it out. 


NB: Some of these items already come with The Pegboard. if you're wanting even more than that then you're in the right place!


Pegboard Stand - Don't have a wall to hang your pegboard? Grab the pegboard stand in HPL or Pine & create beautiful standalone features or displays for your space & market stalls.

Hooks - Ideal for the kitchen, toolshed, or anywhere really! Hang ya pots and pans, hang ya tramping boots, hang ya indoor plant - get crafty!

Blackboards - Love a to-list as much as the next person? Choose your board size, grab some chalk and you're away laughing. An easy to clean surface!

Pegs - Already have the Pegboard but need some extra pegs? These are for you!

Short Shelf - Display your favourite belongings here.

Long Shelf - Display your second favourite belongings here. 

Extra-long Shelf - For 'top shelf' items. Or bottom shelf, you choose.


Pegboard not included. Shop the pegboard here 



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Small Blackboard
400mm x 200mm

Tall Blackboard
200mm x 500mm

Large Blackboard
600mm x 400mm

Pegboard Stand
400mm x 150mm

Extra Long Shelf
1150mm x 200mm

Long shelf
435mm x 200mm

Short Shelf
300mm x 200mm

25mm x 200mm

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