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The Pegboard

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Made from beautiful radiata pine, this versatile shelving system lets you adapt your space to your needs.

Make your space organized & look great at the same time. 

It's ideal for all sorts of applications & we'd love to see how you use yours.

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Your Pegboard comes with:

1 x The Pegboard (Of course)

6 x dowel pegs

1 x short shelf

1 x long shelf

1 x Free shipping

Board Size Accessory
450 x 1200 Dowel Pegs 6

Shoft Shelf 1
Long Shelf 1
900 x 1200 Dowel Pegs 12
Short Shelf 2
Long Shelf 2
1200 x 1200 Dowel Pegs 15
Short Shelf 3
Long Shelf 3
2400 x 1200 Dowel Pegs 24
Short Shelf
Long Shelf 6
Extra Long Shelf 1

That's right, free shipping with all pegboards!


Buy additional shelves, pegs and more over here


Each pegboard's holes are spaced so that when a pegboard is installed next to it, the holes line up & match.


Tools & sandpaper not included.